Use kubectl instead of oc in the example
Dont use reflection for basic string equality test
Add tests for mutator handler
Extract pod mutation to own method

This will make unit testing easier.
Add container test
Refactor the handler to its own type
Document containerBuilder
Don't export newContainerBuilder
Fix not building and pushing the image to quay
Use builder pattern to create the container
Move annotation functions and vars to own file
Move handler to own pkg
Remove false statement about contrib license

I was trying to add an existing script which was using openssl to
generate the certificate but I could not get it to work so I opted to
use cfssl and the script is my own. Heh.
Document the deployment process
Add kustomize files to deploy the webhook

Currently we use the SECRET section to deploy the webhook using the
secret generated with contrib/generate-certs.sh.
Add sourcehut CI
Add annotation to inject secret key from secret
Use variable for various annotations
Use annotations to generate the mkproof-proxy container
Use controller-runtime response functions