Use kubectl instead of oc in the example
Dont use reflection for basic string equality test
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A mutating admission webhook that injects mkproof-proxy to protect an endpoint using proof of work.


We suggest using deploying the admission webhook with the deployment configuration in config. This uses kustomize to build the yaml resources.

Currently, we only support using self-signed certificates for the webhook with the kustomize configs. For this reason, you must first generate a self-signed certificate and move the key to config/secret/tls.key and the cert to config/secret/tls.crt. This can also be done using the contrib/generate-certs.sh script. Note that the script requires having cfssl installed.

./contrib/generate-certs.sh config/secret

You can then deploy the webhook with the following command:

kustomize build config/default | kubectl apply -f -


For the code, see LICENSE.