Project demonstrating the user of compile time options with Meson used for https://blog.tomlebreux.com/2020/05/04/first-steps-with-buildroot.html
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#Meson C Project Libfoo

libfoo is a C library that does not do anything useful. It demonstrates dependencies with meson and how to use options for compile-time features.

libfoo is used in the blogpost First Steps with Buildroot to show how to select features using buildroot.


You can build this project with the following commands:

meson build
ninja -C build

By default, this will build the library with xml and yaml support. It is possible to use meson argument to disable support for each.

For example, to build without yaml support, you can run the following.

meson build -Dyaml=false
ninja -C build

You can then verify that libfoo.so does not include the function foo_yaml by running this:

nm -D build/libfoo.so


libfoo depends on the following libraries:

  • libxml2 (can be disabled with -Dxml=false)
  • yaml-0.1 (can be disabled with -Dyaml=false)