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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Signify (or just Sy) uses the sign column to indicate added, modified and removed lines in a file that is managed by a version control system (VCS).

  • Supports git, mercurial, darcs, bazaar, subversion, cvs, rcs, fossil, accurev, perforce, tfs, yadm.
  • Asynchronous execution of VCS tools for Vim 8.0.902+ and Neovim.
  • Preserves signs from other plugins.
  • Handles nested repositories controlled by different VCS.
  • Provides mappings for navigating hunks ("blocks of changed lines").
  • Provides an operator that acts on hunks.
  • Preview changes in the current line in a popup window.
  • Show all changes in diff mode.
  • Alternative workflow: Disable the plugin by default and toggle it per buffer on demand.
  • Optional line highlighting.
  • Optional skipping of filetypes/filenames.
  • Optional stats in the statusline.
  • Works out of the box, but allows fine-grained configuration.
  • Great documentation and handsome maintainers!

Similar plugin for git: vim-gitgutter


The master branch is async-only and thus requires at least Vim 8.0.902. Use the legacy tag for older Vim versions.

Using your favorite plugin manager, e.g. vim-plug:

if has('nvim') || has('patch-8.0.902')
  Plug 'mhinz/vim-signify'
  Plug 'mhinz/vim-signify', { 'tag': 'legacy' }

#Configuration for async update

" default updatetime 4000ms is not good for async update
set updatetime=100


Example:signify in action

#Author and Feedback

If you like this plugin, star it! It's a great way of getting feedback. The same goes for reporting issues or feature requests.

Contact: Twitter

Co-maintainer: @jamessan