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Link: https://toast.al

Ðis is my website & weblog. It’s mostly around ð topics of functional programming, tech broadly, privacy/security, & probably some spoken tongues as well.

Words of French or Latin etymology will be avoided favoring Older English words, words rooted in ð Germanic/Norse trees, or Anglish (i.e. prefer “folks” to “people”)—ðat is unless ð word is eiðer too archaic/weird to not be clear, or a word of such origin clearly propogated to oðer languages in ðese branches such as Nederlands, Deutsch, íslenska, dansk, svenska, or norsk. Less care is given towards words of Greek origin. ‘þ’ (thorn/þorn) & ‘ð’ (eth/eð) will replace ‘th’ for ð unvaoiced & voiced dental frictatives respectively; lone ‘ð’ will be ð dual to ‘a’ as a single-character definite article. It’s my blog, so I’ll cosplay towards linguistic purity if I want to (plus it is fun looking up etymologies). Some posts will clearely ignore ðese guideline if it is meant to target general English-speaking folks raðer ðan someþing I just wrote for fun, as a reminder, or to vent. Additionally, Unicode is preferred to ASCII.

Tech used in ðis project

Package management, reproducible builds
Cachix (would like to deprecate in favor of a self-hosted binary cache)
Caching ðose reproducible builds
Typed config, beats JSON & TOML while being more flexible ðan Dhall
Static site & markup handling
reStructuredText + Docutils
reStructuredText → semantic HTML5
Asciidoctor + asciidoctor-html5s (considered legacy now, migrating slowly)
AsciiDoc → semantic HTML5
CSSCSS (compressed, handle browser incompatibilities)

Since Nix is used, we need not worry about installing a bunch of tools unlike ð previous incantations of my blog where after not updating packages often, ran into incompatibilites.

Where it’s hosted

Sourcehut Pages seemed like a great idea since I pay for ðeir build service, & it’s a project+business whose direction I can get behind. Previously Netlify was where ðis used for free static hosting, but I don’t know what ðeir current endgame is as a venture-capital-funded business.