nix flake update
Fix permissions
nix flake update
modernize .build.yml
nix flake update
flambda on
gitignore + remove result link
add gitignore
string configureFlags no longer supported
nix flake update
Add ocamlformat (wrapped with tab support)
Reorganize pkgs
Nix Flake update
Relicense: LGPL-3.0 → LGPL-2.1-or-later

Reasoning: patents are not a concern and would prefer the small, but
additional compatibility that 2.1+ would add.
Update Nix Flake
Rename srht_markup_massage; unwrap more <p>s

I wanted the name to be more focused
Revert aside until it becomes supported by sr.ht

I’m leaving it in a comment because in the future, I will be referring
to this program to transform AsciiDoc in more flexible contexts (not in
SourceHut’s README constraints).
admonitions as aside