Eastern Thailand


Pronouns: he/him | เขา​ | ລາວ Pronunciation: [ˈtʰo̞stɫ̩]

I do remote front-end dev and incidental travel.

photography ∘ food ∘ tea ∘ OSS ∘ functional programming

PureScript | JavaScript | Dhall | Nix

Democracy for Thailand | Taiwan is a country | End Uyghur genocide & enslavement | Black lives matter

Wishes for Sourcehut: reStructuredText support


Personal Nix config


toastal’s website


uBlock filters to hide some of the social parts of GitHub


Sourcehut doesn't support AsciiDoc for documentation—only the feature-lacking Markdown; this Flake aims to solve this simply.


Type definitions and low level interface implementations for W3C Page Visibility API


Fork of justinwoo’s easy-purescript-nix


Contribute.json for the Dhall configuration language


Subscribable emitter for browser connectivity (are we online or offline?)


Type definitions & low-level interface implementations for the W3C Network Information API


An 8-bit color scheme filled with violets and purples


An 8-bit color scheme filled with violets and purples


A donut-shaped progress indicator for PureScript + Halogen


A PureScript implementation of BlurHash, a compact representation of a placeholder for an image


sugilite256 screenshots


Web App Manifest for the Dhall configuration language