Micro tweaks + badges for tickets and lists
e764f0e2 — Tmpod 3 years ago
Updated screenshot
7aa3d9a3 — Tmpod 3 years ago
Simplified the config

Instead of using a table on a seperate module,
configs are now loaded from the main config table
(`core.config`) and have a flat structure, having
each field's name prefixed with `memusage_`
1ef70209 — Tmpod 3 years ago
Made installing easier

Added a `init.lua` file which requires the actual plugin file.
This enables people to painlessly cloning the repository and
having the plugin work out of the box. Cloning the repository
is useful since you can simply update by doing `git pull`.
31e4b3c0 — Tmpod 3 years ago
Added comments to config example
97644cee — Tmpod 3 years ago
Slight tweak to wording
4b5f6002 — Tmpod 3 years ago
Fixed the config table
450a9aae — Tmpod 3 years ago
Actually wrote a summary, dunno how I missed that lol
42d58934 — Tmpod 3 years ago
Added a config example and screenshot
9e117175 — Tmpod 3 years ago
Added an example screenshot
92c438d8 — Tmpod 3 years ago
Actually wrote the proper README

And renamed the `text_color` config to just `color`.
ed77a4d3 — Tmpod 3 years ago
Inital commit

At this stage, the plugin is fully functional and includes a
couple of configuration points: text color, position and if it
should start rendering on start or not.
It also includes a command to toggle the display.