Tiny plugin to show lite's memory usage
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A simple plugin for lite that adds a toggleable display of how much memory the Lua virtual machine is using.


Navigate to your data/plugins directory and then use one of the following methods:

  1. Just download the plugin file into your plugins folder.

    curl -O https://git.sr.ht/~tmpod/memusage-lite/blob/master/memusage.lua
  2. Clone this repository into your plugins folder. This allows you to easily update the plugin by doing git pull but it fetches unnecessary files, such as this README.

    git clone https://git.sr.ht/~tmpod/memusage-lite


This is a "passive" plugin, thus not requiring any user interaction to work. However, you can toggle it with the Memusage: Toggle command.

You can also configure it, as explained in the next section.


This plugin has three configuration fields. You can set these configurations by editing your init.lua file in the data/user lite directory and modifying the core.config table. Each field name should be prefixed with memusage_, for example, memusage_color. Here's a description of each valid configuration field:

Name Type Description
active boolean Whether to start the display when lite starts
color int[] RGBA color values to use for the text (alpha value is optional)
coords function () return int, int Function taking no arguments that returns the x and y coordinates to render the text on


local config = require "core.config"

-- Won't start displaying when lite is opened
config.memusage_active = false
-- Text will be of a purplish-pinkish color
config.memusage_color = {191, 90, 236}


Example configuration


This plugin is licensed under MIT. The license file can be found here.