Micro tweaks + badges for tickets and lists
7f31cc36 — Tmpod 2 years ago
Simplified the config

Instead of using a table on a seperate module,
configs are now loaded from the main config table
(`core.config`) and have a flat structure, having
each field's name prefixed with `black_`
616dcefc — Tmpod 2 years ago
Made installing easier

Added a `init.lua` file which requires the actual plugin file.
This enables people to painlessly cloning the repository and
having the plugin work out of the box. Cloning the repository
is useful since you can simply update by doing `git pull`.
bba84f8b — Tmpod 2 years ago
Updated the way configs are loaded

It is now a similar system to my memusage plugin,
you create a file in your lite `user` dir and return
a table with the config items.
Also updated the README to use a table for the config fields,
and it now also includes an example snippet for the config.
83192c40 — Tmpod 2 years ago
Cleaned comments and removed force file reload
e5886fb9 — Tmpod 2 years ago
Refactored error branch
f7bae47a — Tmpod 2 years ago
Small tweaks to .gitignore and README
5824c13c — Tmpod 2 years ago
First commit

The plugin is fully working but some improvements may come in the future.