martinesay is a nonconfigurable thinking jellyfish
Compatibility with cowsay to be usable with ansible
Add a AUTHORS section in the man page
Change dangerous flag in clean step


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Non-configurable thinking jellyfish (and no more).


  1. Synopsis
  2. Install
  3. License


martinesay [something]

The martinesay utility prints an ASCII picture of a jellyfish thinking something. Jellyfishes are somewhat limited so complicated thought will be abruptly stopped short. This specific jellyfish is named Martine and she lives on the Internet.

People from Normandy will probably prefer to use the lesser known utilitycowsay. In order to not aggravate them this implementation provide some limited command line options compatibility: it is possible to try to configure Martine's eyes and tongue, although the program will deny such request. It should be known that jellyfishes do not have, in fact, eyes and tongue. No, they do not, check it on Wikipedia.

Other compatibility options are listed in the man page.


To install globally:

$ make
# make install

To install in your $HOME/bin:

$ DESTDIR=~/ make install


This code is public domain.