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#Ansible Role: MySQL

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Installs and configures MySQL or MariaDB on the following operating systems:

  • OpenBSD (MariaDB only)
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora

This role is originally based on Jeff Geerling's with an emphasis on better portability (ie: Non-Linux unixen) and simplicity. It is therefore not entirely compatible as some variables were renamed to prevent misunderstanding and the replication parameters have been excised and left to another role (for example this one).

Automatic testing is provided using molecule's delegated driver and https://builds.sr.ht.


This role requires root access and should be run with become=yes.


collection community.mysql >= 3.1.0 (included in ansible >= 6.x)

#Role Variables

Variable Description Default
mysql_config_path Path of the main configuration file {{ __mysql_config_path }}
mysql_config Extra configuration rules for my.cnf. See bellow. []
mysql_databases The MySQL databases to create []
mysql_datadir Directory where MySQL data are stored {{ __mysql_datadir }}
mysql_db_admin_password_update Whether to force update the MySQL root user's password false
mysql_db_admin_password MySQL administrator password mandatory
mysql_db_admin_user MySQL default administrator account root
mysql_packages A list of packages {{ __mysql_packages }}
mysql_python_package Name of the python package used by Ansible {{ __mysql_python_package }}
mysql_provider Either mariadb or mysql mariadb
mysql_service MySQL service name {{ __mysql_service }}
mysql_socket MySQL Unix domain socket used for connections {{ __mysql_socket }}
mysql_system_group MySQL system group {{ __mysql_system_group }}
mysql_system_user MySQL system user {{ __mysql_system_user }}
mysql_users The MySQL users and their privileges []
mysql_enabled_on_startup Enable mysql service true
mysql_service_state Expected state of mysql service after configuration started

Most of the time mysql_db_admin_user is root, this is chosen by operating systems packagers and therefore should not be changed.

#Debian / Ubuntu

Variable Default
__mysql_config_path /etc/mysql/{{ mysql_provider }}.conf.d/mysqld.cnf
__mysql_datadir /var/lib/mysql
__mysql_packages [mariadb-server]
__mysql_python_package python3-pymysql
__mysql_service mysql
__mysql_socket /run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
__mysql_system_group mysql
__mysql_system_user mysql


Variable Default
__mysql_config_path /etc/my.cnf
__mysql_datadir /var/lib/mysql
__mysql_packages [mariadb, mariadb-server]
__mysql_python_package python3-PyMySQL
__mysql_service mariadb
__mysql_socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
__mysql_system_group mysql
__mysql_system_user mysql


Variable Default
__mysql_config_path /etc/my.cnf
__mysql_datadir /var/mysql
__mysql_packages [mariadb-server]
__mysql_python_package py3-pymysql
__mysql_service mysqld
__mysql_socket /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock
__mysql_system_group _mysql
__mysql_system_user _mysql


mysql_config is a simple representation of my.cnf in YAML as a list of hashes containing only the INI section name and its content. User provided values are combined with eventual system specific ones from this role.


mysql_socket: /var/www/var/run/mysql/mysql.sock
  - name: client-server
    content: |
      socket={{ mysql_socket }}
  - name: mysqld
    content: |
      datadir={{ mysql_datadir }}
  - name: mysqld_safe
    content: |


This variable is used to specify the provider for mysql: either MariaDB (the default on most operating systems now) or Oracle's MySQL.

If you want to install the later it is mandatory to configure your package repository in advance, perhaps with a pre_tasks in a playbook. Then the following variables need to be overloaded from the default value:

# Assuming Debian Buster
  - mysql-server
mysql_service: mysql
mysql_provider: mysql

The variable mysql_provider is only used during the initial installation.


This variable is a list of hashes representing MySQL databases. All of its keys are parameters to the mysql_db module.

Variable Default
name mandatory
collation utf8_general_ci
encoding utf8
state present


This variable is a list of hashes representing MySQL users. All of its keys are parameters to the mysql_user module.

Variable Default
name mandatory
host localhost
password mandatory
priv *.*:USAGE
state present
append_privs no
encrypted no



#Example Playbook

- hosts: dbs
    - mysql_db_admin_password: "{{ vaulted_mysql_db_admin_password }}"
    - mysql_users:
        - name: app_user
          password: app_password
    - mysql_databases:
        - name: app_db
    - role: tleguern.mysql




Either send send GitHub pull requests or send patches on SourceHut.

#Author Information

This role was created in 2021 by Tristan Le Guern tleguern@bouledef.eu on top of Jeff Geerling's own Ansible role.