Add a link to the IRC channel ansible-gaming
Fix small yaml defects
Properly attribute the BSD version

Written by Dave Taylor.
Add a precision about the origin of the texts
Remove the now defunct debug function
Improve the README
Small README fixes
Use set_fact rather than vars

This prevent contamination from various playbooks.
The evil Wumpus moves when an arrow is lost
Move the important variables to init.yml
Add an asciinema recording of a session
As a joke import a pentachoron cave

This is a small cave of five rooms with four tunnels each, so every single room is connected with all the others.

Can be tried like this:

$ ansible-playbook -e cave_type=pentachoron wumpus.yml

It can takes a very, very long time to be playable.
Generate a random cave

The generation algorithm was chosen to be self contained, meaning no
complex loops were allowed.
I am sure there are better ways to do this.
Improve the message format

Do not print blank lines when there are no bats, pits or wumpii around.
Also pave the way for rooms with more than three tunnels.
Use builds.sr.ht
Rename pick-position.yml
Try to get a reasonable starting position

This way the player is not directly thrown into a pit or the mouth of
hungry Wumpus.
On a side note it allowed to detect a bug in my usage of the random
Test death by pit and wumpus
Randomly pick the starting position of hazards

Meaning the evil Wumpus, the giant bats and the bottomless pits.
The debug map has been updated to reflect the position of the Wumpus.