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Ansible role for configuring Matomo, formerly known as Piwik.

This role configures Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, and optionally handle the configuration of MySQL and Nginx for minimal installations. It then download a given release and complete the manual installation process automatically thanks to the uri module.

What is not automatic yet:

  • Configuration of the geoip database ;
  • Configuration of the trusted sites ;
  • User creation.

Automatic testing is provided using molecule's delegated driver and https://builds.sr.ht. For now only the converge step is implemented.

It should be noted that this role is not idempotent yet.


#Debian 9

  • python3-openssl
  • php
  • php-curl
  • php-gd
  • php-cli
  • php-mysql
  • php-xml
  • php-mbstring
  • php-fpm
  • python3-mysqldb
  • mysql-server
  • nginx
  • tar

Nginx is listed as an example, any http server implementing FastCGI will work.

#OpenBSD 6.8

  • php
  • php-gd
  • php-pdo-mysql
  • php-curl
  • gtar

Matomo can be installed in a chroot and works fine with OpenBSD's httpd.

#Role Variables

Variable Description Default
matomo_mysql_database Optional definition of the database name matomodata
matomo_mysql_user Optional name for mysql user matomo
matomo_mysql_password Password for matomo_mysql_user
matomo_name The domain name pointing to matomo mandatory
matomo_superuser_user Name for matomo superuser mandatory
matomo_superuser_password Password for matomo_superuser_user mandatory
matomo_superuser_email Email address for matomo_superuser_user mandatory
matomo_version The specific matomo version to install "3.9.0"
matomo_proxy Configure matomo to use the X-Forwarded-For header no
mysql_rescue_user Optional rescue mysql user with SUPER and PROCESS rights on matomo_mysql_database. Only used if matomo_bypass_mysql is not yes. ``
mysql_rescue_password Password for mysql_rescue_user. Only used if matomo_bypass_mysql is not yes. ``
matomo_bypass_mysql Do not configure mysql yes
matomo_bypass_nginx Do not configure nginx yes
matomo_www_directory Matomo install directory /var/www
matomo_php_interpreter Path to PHP {{ __matomo_php_interpreter }}


Variable Default
__matomo_php_interpreter /usr/bin/php


Variable Default
__matomo_php_interpreter /usr/local/bin/php-7.3


Any role configuring MySQL, such as:

  • geerlingguy.mysql
  • tleguern.mysql

Any role configuring a web server, such as:

  • geerlingguy.nginx
  • reallyenglish.ansible-role-httpd

A role configuring PHP is a plus.

#Example Playbooks

Minimal installation with included lightweight configuration of Nginx and MySQL on Debian:

- hosts: matomo
    matomo_mysql_password: "{{ vaulted_matomo_mysql_password }}"
    matomo_superuser_user: matomo_admin
    matomo_superuser_password: "{{ vaulted_matomo_superuser_password }}"
    matomo_name: stats.example.org
  - role: tleguern.matomo

Regular installation on OpenBSD. Additional steps are needed once the installation is over to open the web server to the Internet:

- hosts: matomo
    matomo_mysql_password: matomo
    matomo_superuser_password: adminadmin42
    matomo_version: "3.9.0"
    matomo_name: localhost
    matomo_superuser_email: admin@example.org
      - name: "{{ matomo_mysql_database }}"
      - name: "{{ matomo_mysql_user }}"
        password: "{{ matomo_mysql_password }}"
    mysql_db_admin_password: adminpassword
      - name: matomo
        config: |
          listen on port 80
          directory index index.php
          root "/matomo"
          location "*.php" {
            fastcgi socket "/run/php-fpm.sock"
    - name: Configure pdo_mysql
        src: "/etc/php-7.3.sample/{{ item }}"
        dest: "/etc/php-7.3/{{ item }}"
        state: link
      loop: ['pdo_mysql.ini', 'gd.ini', 'curl.ini']
    - name: Start php-fpm
        name: php73_fpm
        state: started
        enabled: yes
    - role: tleguern.mysql
    - role: reallyenglish.ansible-role-httpd
    - role: tleguern.matomo




Either send send GitHub pull requests or send patches on SourceHut.

#Author Information

Written by Tristan Le Guern on behalf of Deveryware.