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#Ahven, Unit Test Framework for Ada

Welcome to Ahven wiki pages.

Ahven is a unit test framework for Ada programming language and it is distributed under permissive open source ISC license.

The official home page of Ahven is https://www.ahven-framework.com/

The latest Ahven source code release (version 2.7) can be found from

Various Linux distributions also have Ahven in their package repositories.

#Fedora Linux 30

On Fedora 30, you can install Ahven with command:

$ sudo dnf install ahven ahven-devel libgnat-static

Package libgnat-static is needed due to some GNAT bugs related to Ada library linking issues.

#Debian Linux 10 (buster)

On Debian 10, the package name is libahven7-dev:

$ sudo apt-get install libahven7-dev


Ahven is maintained by Tero Koskinen tero.koskinen@iki.fi.