A pure POSIX SH static site generator
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

Shite is a pure POSIX shell static site generator.
Its operation is simple to a fault: it concatenates
a file with a header and footer. The header and footer
used are the first header.html or footer.html met when
moving up from the directory containing the center
part. Before generating the final pages, it will traverse
directories and call any `mkindex.sh` file it finds.
This allows building a listing of blog posts, for instance.

The static/ directory is also copied to the public 
final code, as is robots.txt and favicon.ico.

For example:

|- tree
 \- footer.html
 |- robots.txt
 |- header.html
 |- favicon.ico
 |- index.part.html
 \- static
  |- img1.jpg
  |- style.css
 \- posts
  |- mkindex.sh
  |- header.html
  |- some-post.part.html
  |- another-post.part.html

Call `shite tree public` to generate the site.