37fdb9c1 — Tim Visée 9 months ago master
Merge pull request #54 from Spongecade/patch-1

Update Minecraft wiki links to new domain
e7a3db19 — Spongecade 9 months ago
Update Minecraft wiki links to new domain
ca475367 — timvisee 10 months ago
Run CI on shared GitLab runners
Merge branch 'Xeyler-master' into master

Refs: https://github.com/timvisee/lazymc/pull/50
Update monitor.rs
Bump version to 0.2.10
Allow exit code 143 and 130

Fixes https://github.com/timvisee/lazymc/issues/26
Bump version to 0.2.9
Update dependencies
Merge branch 'tW4r-patch-1' into master

See https://github.com/timvisee/lazymc/pull/44
Mixing up my booleans myself
Only drop banned IPs when drop_banned_ip

Attempted fix of #43
Resolve clippy warnings
Set MSRV in clippy configuration
Bump version to 0.2.8
Enable all CI build jobs for tag releases, don't allow Windows failures
Fix build failure on Windows
Bump Rust MSRV to 1.64.0
Install proper Rust version on Windows CI jobs
Update dependencies