🍹 Bar management application to manage transactions and inventory.
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Barbapappa bar management application.


This application requires some installation steps.

#Initial setup

The project can be installed and configured by running the following commands:

cd webapp

# Install composer dependencies
composer install # or update

# Install npm dependencies
npm install

#Environment file

Create a file called .env based on the .env.example file and configure your database and mail credentials.


To initialize the database with tables, the database migration might be invoked: php artisan migrate

If the project is updated, the same command should be invoked as well to update the database structure.

#Compiling resources

Some resources are compiled, and need to be recompiled before they're used in the public application. Style sheets and client side JavaScript are such files.

To recompile resources, run the following command: npm run dev


This project makes use of workers to process tasks in the background. Emails are mostly being sent using these queues as it would otherwise drastically increase the response time of the web application. The worker for these queues needs to be started however.

#Starting the worker

To start the worker, use the helper script: ./startWorker
Or start it directly (not prioritised): php artisan queue:work

#Keep the worker running

The worker must be kept running at all times. Check out the Supervisor configuration in the Laravel documentation for more information.

#Restart the worker

When the project is updated, the worker must be restarted using the helper script: ./restartWorker
Or run the command directly: php artisan queue:restart

This destroy the worker process. It should automatically restart again if the Supervisor is configured correctly.

#Administrator user

To manage the Barbapappa instance, you must create an administrator user. Invoke the following console command with your credentials to create a new user:

php ./artisan user:add example@example.com John Doe --password --admin

After creation you may login at /login. The management pages can be reached at /manage.


First make sure the project is successfully installed and configured. See the section above.

When you've made changes to the project, make sure to:

  • Migrate the database
  • Recompile the resources
  • Restart the worker
#Compiled resources

Some resources have to be compiled, see the Compiled resources section above.

To watch the resources and automatically recompile on change, use: npm run watch


This project is currently automatically tested for each commit using CI services.

Service Platforms PHP Branch Build Status
GitLab CI Linux 8.1 master Pipeline status on GitLab CI on master View Status

Note: Tests are currently fairly basic, and should be improved at a later time.


This project is currently developed and maintained by Tim Visée, www.timvisee.com.


This project is released under the GNU AGPL-3.0 licence. Check out the LICENSE file for more information.