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Takes care of some of the memory leak i think!
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#Crawling crow

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A Java implementation of Robo Rally.



  1. Install Maven
  2. Clone the repository, git clone git@github.com:inf112-v20/crawling-crow.git
  3. Build game with dependencies, mvn clean verify assembly:single

#How to run

For now, you have to run the game manually.

  1. Run Main.java located in src/main/java/roborally in your IDE of choice.

    • Alternatively use the command java -jar target/roborally-crawlingcrow-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar
  2. Move around using the controls

  3. When you want to exit, press ESC or exit the game manually by clicking on the X-button.

#How to play

See How to play the game


See Wikipage on testing

#Known bugs

See Isses with Bug label

#From Maven template

Currently throws "WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred", when the java version used is >8. This has no effect on function or performance, and is just a warning.

#Class diagram