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title = "Change"
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Yesterday I saw a post on Hacker News,
["Ask HN: How do I stop overthinking personal project management?"](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=37623086).
And that post really made me think. It felt like something I could've aksed.

I try to use less to achieve more . But there are (many) occasions where I feel
overwhelmed by the project(s) I'm working on. Either there are too many things
that need to be done or I (or my team) had some setback that I believe happend
because of a tool. 9/10 times it's not.

And I had this feeling fairly recently, but it wasn't strictly related to any
one project, more as a whole, personally. To set the stage: Lately I've been
seeing more and more people using Obsidian, both at work and on podcasts and
YouTube channels I watch. And everyone has a neat little system where they have
everything organized and accessible. And here I am, with my
[paper notes](/blog/paper-notes).

So what did I do? I downloaded Obsidian at tried to take what I had of digital
notes from before and organize it with tags, links, backlins etc. And after 5–10
min, I realize what I was doing. I was procrastinating. And at the same time I
was also becoming overwhelmed by all the different stuff I felt I had to do in
order to become "organized".

Therefore, after my 5–10 mins of "forcing" myself to use Obisdian, because
"that's what everyone else is using". I reverted my notes back to the way they
were before and took a new note in my notebook about what I had done.

It made me realize that I really value the linear-part of taking notes by hand.
And not spending frivolous amount of time organizing my notes. I do see the
value in having organized notes, don't get me wrong, but I rather do that
without any tool holding my hand. I apperiacte the simplicity of my notes
workflow, where I mostly take physicial notes, but also
[take digital notes, using Helix](/blog/helix-as-a-notes-tool).

Find something that works and stick with it, don't change it when you feel
overwhelmed, don't blame the tool. When you are consistently changing, you are
staying the same.