My blog and personal website
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


This is my personal website, made with Zola.

It's pretty much tailored to my liking, but feel free to clone/fork this repo.


  • Blog
  • CV (Resume)
  • "Uses"-page


The CV is generated from a simple JSON-file, content/cv/cv.json.

Here you can specify your experiences (work, education, voluntary etc.) and skills.


"experiences": [
    "glyph": "/cv/logo.svg",
    "name": "Name of your work place",
    "type": "Your type"
    "relevant": true,
    "role": [
        "desc": [
          "Doing meaningful stuff.",
          "Creating Zola templates."
        "name": "Creator",
        "present": true,
        "end": "2022-01-01"
  • glyph is optional, it will default to a blank circle SVG.
  • relevant is if you'd like to have two CVs. One with what you deem relevant and another with all your relevant experiences as well as those who are not as relevant.
  • role is an array. You can have multiple roles at one experience.
  • type this can be work, education, voluntary or whatever you feel like. It will be automatically grouped by this type on the actual CV-page.


MIT © Tim Hårek