v2.0.0 4 months ago

d-yr v2.0.0

A bunch of refactors, clean ups, simplifications and some new commands!

- `today` and `tomorrow` commands.
- `completetions` command for auto-complete with your current shell.

Tim Hårek Andreassen (34):
      refactor: Extract SimpleTimeseries into own function
      feat: Add today command
      feat: Add tomorrow command
      chore: Bump version
      chore: Update to new format
      chore: Add version badge
      feat: Add CI for auto mirror to GitHub
      fix: Use only date and not datetime
      chore: Formatting
      fix(ci): Remove typo
      chore: Change order
      fix: Types
      refactor: Move pretty string to CLI logic
      fix: Types and return types
      fix: Return actual JSON
      chore: Add todos
      chore(deps): Update deps
      chore: Add interface for options
      refactor: Simplify CLI
      refactor: Simplify function names
      feat: Add interface
      fix: Remove JSONOutput
      refactor: Move types
      feat: Add more weather icons for night and polartwilight
      fix: Use underline instead of black text
      chore: Update source
      feat: Remove debug flag
      fix: Use same header for all CLI outputs
      docs: Update README
      feat: Show help when running first command
      feat: Add conditional for showing details if they are equal to 0
      fix: Add day symbol for those with multiple variants
      chore: Formatting
      feat: Add completions command