optimization: all svg's are optimized now
metadata: added desc for SEO
- also added symbol
analytics: changed the line number too see if it works now
analytics: added plausible
Removed old script
Added a footer
Removed old bit old code
Adjusted forecast styling

Placed within the correct element, also fixed table borders
Adjusted Prettier settings for 4 tabs

Also changed header of website slightly
Today forecast now much more responsive#4
Made the nowcast responsive
Displays todays date
Can now see forecast for today #7 #4
Sets forecast for same day
Added time from-to
Renamed now-forecat to nowcast #4
Stores nowcast in an object instead of multiple variables #7
Gets the correct forecast, according to the computers time #7
Started working on new 2.0 API calls #7

Also began with updating to the new design #4
Updated my github username