Oklahoma, USA



Ruby SAX stream parser for Unified Scripture Format XML (USFX)


Parser for bible passage/ranges


wip Rubik's cube in Rust


Sidekiq- and Resque-aware process manager for your dev environment (alternative to Foreman)


A simple ASCII "snake" game in the terminal, written in < 100 lines of Ruby


Browse your computer hard drive for photos that are not yet on your Flickr account.


Just testing dlopen, dlsym, et al


website for finding square dance clubs https://heelcloppers.com


print label XML to a Dymo printer on Linux (or any platform)


Classical Conversations Board Slam math game calculator


Run Sidekiq/Resque workers for multiple apps only when there is work to be done.


experimental installer for getting apps running quickly on DigitalOcean https://installer.71m.us


A walk through the Elixir language in 30 exercises.


Sinatra web app that serves RESTful JSON web API for open and public domain bibles http://bible-api.com


private member portal for churches, built with Ruby on Rails