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## Automatically Hibernate When Idle

I couldn't find a setting to hibernate the tablet after a period of inactivity, even though I'm sure there is one somewhere. If you know where it is, please let me know!

What I did was write a script to do it and run it every 10 minutes with cron. The script is included in this repo, named `hibernate_when_inactive.sh`.

1. `sudo su`
1. `crontab -e`
1. Add the following at the bottom: `*/10 * * * * /root/hibernate_when_inactive.sh`
I want the tablet to hibernate after a period of inactivity, so I installed and configured [Circadian](https://github.com/mrmekon/circadian).

In Gnome settings, I set the OS to suspend after 2 minutes of inactivity. As I mentioned above, this does not really suspend -- it blanks the screen and maybe disables wifi. Circadian is set to hibernate after 10 minutes of activity to further save the battery.