scheme-vm/Cargo.toml -rw-r--r-- 313 bytes
Switch back to rust-peg and speed it up!

I was doing some stupid work repeatedly every time atom() was called.
Computing that work ahead-of-time puts rust-peg back on par with pest,
and I like rust-peg much better!
Use pest instead of rust-peg

The code is ugly, needs refactoring, but it works! And it's faster!

BUT, while optimizing this code, I realized I was doing something really
slow with find the line and column indices for each atom. That was
probably a big part of the slowness with my rust-peg implementation. So
I'd like to go back to the rust-peg implementation and see if I can make
some optimizations to get the speed closer to my implementation using pest.
Use newer Ruby version and newer Rust crates
Hook Rust parser into Ruby

I have a bunch of failing tests, so I've focused the parser test for now.
Playing around with ruby-sys
Use FFI instead of ruru
Experiment with rust-peg for parsing
Experiment with Rust extension