ref: c5110102ce2df2d78a0c87f293edf20f5a3984e7 scheme-vm/spec/program_spec.rb -rw-r--r-- 6.9 KiB
Fix error when it's on line 1
Show better message on syntax error
Store line and column number for better errors
Give macro definitions referential transparency

...and fix a handful of other variable and macro scoping issues
Improve pending spec
Fix some wording in specs
Add a pending test to fix library/macro ref transparency
Improve specs
Improve error output when stack overflows
Move if and some math stuff into base library
Move define-syntax into base library
Move write into a library, add write-string, remove print
Move exit to process-context library
Make compile fail if variable is unknown
Add ability to include relative file paths
Show proper errors in other files and in macros
Set status code on exit
Better errors