Add more char functions
Add case insensitive char comparision functions
Rewrite list=? function to be a bit faster

We don't need to check the length on every recursion loop.
Improve lib spec failure message
Support all character names in the spec
Add string->symbol function
Remove unneeded instructions for if
Add symbol->string and symbol=? functions
Allow comparing more than 2 strings with string=?
Refactor a bit
Actually our parser is better now!
No need for the index any more
Oops. Don't need that any more.
Remove halt option from compile method

This was only used by one caller and can just as easily be added by that caller.
Get rid of unneeded keep_last option

`keep_last: true` was only being used by specs, and `(exit)`
already accomplishes the same effect, leaving the stack intact for
Show example code that actually works
Fix error when it's on line 1
Set env PRINT_TIMINGS to show timing debug info
Show better message on syntax error
Update readme