ref: 11e2819bb80b0c33f7be66e7f29ec0d28788ef4c scheme-vm/lib/scheme/base.scm -rw-r--r-- 16.8 KiB
Add case insensitive char comparision functions
Rewrite list=? function to be a bit faster

We don't need to check the length on every recursion loop.
Add string->symbol function
Add symbol->string and symbol=? functions
Allow comparing more than 2 strings with string=?
Add make-list function
Fix string->number for negative numbers
Tail-call optimize the map function
Implement string->number for positive numbers
Fix typo in memv function
Allow = function to accept variable number of args
Fix indentation
Add continuations and call/cc
Handle negative numbers with number->string
Add number->string function
Add more char functions
Add string function to base library
Add char-upcase function
Add very simple char-downcase function

(only supports ASCII)
Ensure string=? only compares strings
Add boolean=? function