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Moving to GitHub
85 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 18267 deletions(-)

D .github/workflows/build.yml
D .gitignore
D .gitmodules
D Dockerfile
D Makefile
D core.c
D core.h
D env.c
D env.h
D examples/fib.mal
D examples/filter.mal
D examples/hello.mal
D hashmap.c
D hashmap.h
D mal/Makefile
D mal/README.md
D mal/core.mal
D mal/mal/Dockerfile
D mal/mal/Makefile
D mal/mal/core.mal
D mal/mal/env.mal
D mal/mal/run
D mal/mal/step0_repl.mal
D mal/mal/step1_read_print.mal
D mal/mal/step2_eval.mal
D mal/mal/step3_env.mal
D mal/mal/step4_if_fn_do.mal
D mal/mal/step6_file.mal
D mal/mal/step7_quote.mal
D mal/mal/step8_macros.mal
D mal/mal/step9_try.mal
D mal/mal/stepA_mal.mal
D mal/perf.mal
D mal/run_argv_test.sh
D mal/runtest.py
D mal/tests/docker-build.sh
D mal/tests/docker-run.sh
D mal/tests/docker/Dockerfile
D mal/tests/inc.mal
D mal/tests/incA.mal
D mal/tests/incB.mal
D mal/tests/incC.mal
D mal/tests/perf1.mal
D mal/tests/perf2.mal
D mal/tests/perf3.mal
D mal/tests/print_argv.mal
D mal/tests/step0_repl.mal
D mal/tests/step1_read_print.mal
D mal/tests/step2_eval.mal
D mal/tests/step3_env.mal
D mal/tests/step4_if_fn_do.mal
D mal/tests/step5_tco.mal
D mal/tests/step6_file.mal
D mal/tests/step7_quote.mal
D mal/tests/step8_macros.mal
D mal/tests/step9_try.mal
D mal/tests/stepA_mal.mal
D mal/tests/test.txt
D malcc.c
D printer.c
D printer.h
D reader.c
D reader.h
D self_hosted_run
D step0_repl.c
D step1_read_print.c
D step2_eval.c
D step3_env.c
D step4_if_fn_do.c
D step5_tco.c
D step6_file.c
D step7_quote.c
D step8_macros.c
D step9_try.c
D stepA_mal.c
D tests/regex.mal
D tests/utf-8.mal
D tinycc
D types.c
D types.h
D util.c
D util.h
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