5f25a7cf — Shane Bonham 4 years ago v1.3.0
Release 1.3.0
Merge pull request #3 from shanebonham/bump-oauth2

Bump oauth2 to 1.2
db6fadff — Shane Bonham 4 years ago
Bump oauth2 to 1.2

The oauth2 gem was locked to rack 1.2.x, but we rack 2.x is required
for rails 5.

ref: https://git.io/vXUy2
Raise ServerError if parsing response JSON fails
Merge pull request #2 from mattgillooly/patch-1

Fix typo in example code
6c06061e — Matt Gillooly 5 years ago
Fix typo in example code
Tweak the errors listing
Update intro in readme
Fix example call
Add ability to work with 2.0 API
Add more explanation to readme
Update readme for gem install
Fix usage instructions in readme
Fix url for root path
Remove respond_to?
Add support for OAuth2
Update description in readme