Fix l_inspect_closure function.
Add hashmap_each function for looping over all keys/vals.
Use l_ref_put to be consistent.
Simpler vector and list structures -- store pointers directly.
Fix bug in join when passed an empty array.
Simpler hashmap -- store pointers directly.
Minor tweak to example file.
Don't record file location for script exec.
Don't fail on missing var passed to func call.
Include the leg file in source loc count.
Yay, stack traces!
Rudimentary stack trace in event of error.
Remove old evaling stuff -- no longer needed.
Remove sneaky error from example code.
Report source file and line number of some errors.
FIXME - 'split' func does not work as desired.
Assert that 'rest' func is given a list.
New 'slice' function for lists.
Better comments in list lib.
Add string split function (|).