Run Sidekiq/Resque workers for multiple apps only when there is work to be done.
Release 1.3.0
Allow specifying timeout for stopping workers



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Run Sidekiq/Resque workers for multiple apps only when there is work to be done.

You can use it in place of Foreman if you need to manage several instances of Sidekiq and/or Resque and don't necessarily need them all to run at once.


We have a dozen apps all running Sidekiq (and some running Resque). In development, I don't need/want all of them running at once, so I built this.

This might be super useful if you are using Vagrant or VM for development and want to limit its RAM usage.

This is probably not useful in a production environment. But, let me know if you think it is!


  • Watches Redis and only starts Sidekiq/Resque processes when there is work to be done
  • Spins down inactive Sidekiq/Resque processes
  • Sends TERM signal to child processes so they shut down properly
  • Saves memory


If you're on Mac, you can download the binary here.

For other platforms, you'll need to build with Rust:

curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh
cargo build --release

#Configure and Run

Froman is configured with a froman.yml file like this:

command_template: 'bash -lc "%s"'
    path: ../check-ins
      namespace: check-ins-sidekiq-development
      command: bundle exec sidekiq
    path: ../services
      namespace: planning_center_development
      command: bundle exec resque-pool --environment development
      namespace: services-development.sidekiq
      command: bundle exec sidekiq

namespace is the Redis namespace to monitor for jobs.

Run Froman:


Copyright Tim Morgan, Licensed MIT.