Fix group parsing and allow newline in group.
Add an overview of concerned lines in error message.
Fix checking of unformat expression.
Add newline at the end of unary op application.
Attach numbering in default expansion and improve readme example.
Fix custom compiler example.
Improve REPL and code quality.
Fix position in error message and fix info about project description.
Make all internal libraries public.
Functorize REPL.
Standardization of error messages using polymorphic variants.
Separate checker and parser, refactor compiler functor and document a few things.
Rename some modules and move pre evaluation checks.
Clean up few things.
Implement unary op application logic an fix alias substitution.
Improve code quality of various modules.
Remove useless stdlib extensions and use as much as possible binding operator.
Simplify error rendering.
Merge shared_lib directory in common sublib.
Rename "parsing" sublib to "syntax".