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Updated .gitignore
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Added a vm to provision
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Updated README
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Added memory argument
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Use nat networking mode
Changed config to suit my infra
Removed cloud-init
Fixed transformation call.
Applying transformation with register_stack_transformation

The transformation callback does not seems to get called when I pass
it to new_vm_group, I don't know what is wrong with that call.

It does works however with register_stack_transformation.

Needs more investigation...
Added a higher level component resource.
Converted to component resource

I do get type errors from mypy, from resource.name and resource.ip.

This is because the name and ip attributes were not declared in the
constructor of the VM class, just need to change the constructor to
take a helper class as an arg.

See this for more info: https://github.com/pulumi/examples/blob/master/aws-py-wordpress-fargate-rds/frontend.py
Created a vm module
Removed ovh pulumi provider

This is annoying, I cannot get the pulumi provider for ovh to work.

I get a distribution_not_found exception even if I'm in an isolated guix shell,
the same for a goold old venv.

Sadly that provider does not seems very active and I don't really have
time to investigate this :(