Added birand gui
Updated main
Updated README
Check_file_exists , made pathlib a bit more robust

By adding expanduser and glob
Added CRUD operations for the database
Use dict merge operator instead of appending to a list for config

Config can handle multiple profiles with this
Changed relative imports to absolute for parse_ofx
Updated config.json sample
Changed parse_config and the download bnp driver

Added more arguments to parse_config and bnp driver
Updated setup.cfg
Updated profile_creation script to check if bank is supported

Also show the banks that are supported
Show the file_name being downloaded
Added support for hellobank.

Only had to change a few selectors and a bit of the logic.
Added a temp time.sleep in page_statements
Added a temp time sleep for the update_download_dir

For some reason the webdriverwait doesn't seems to work(maybe needs
more time?), selenium get stuck when trying to locate the search bar, adding a hard time
sleep solves the problem for now...
Changed arguments for downloader