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Bank information retriever and downloader.

Birand is a software that allows you to retrieve your bank informations. and to view them in a GUI, you can see your account balance, payments separated in groups...

Basically I've got the idea when I found out that I couldn't download all my bank statements with a button, you actually had to download them one by one, so I used selenium and tesseract to automatically connect to my account and download the newest bank statements.

From there I wanted to parse the bank statements and get the useful infos (there were also pdf files that I wanted to parse with tabula but never got the time).


  1. Download bank statements with selenium (tesseract is used to read the digits when there is the password prompt)

  2. Store the account balance, payments ... in a database (sqlite)

  3. View my account balance from this month and the past month in a GUI (PyQt), nice graph, crud operations on bank statements.

There even was the possibility to do this for multiple accounts, let's say you have multiple account you can just set your credentials in the config.json accordingly.

Only the download part and the database part is finished, I've never got the time and motivation to finish the gui.