Added copyright notices
Updated copyright notice
Updated copyright notices
[Set-VmState] Added logic to handle groups
[Remove-AllVm] Added logging and cmdlet bindings
Piping directory/file creation result to null
Use Write-Information instead of write-host
[New-Vm] Get defaults parameters
[Build-VmCmdLine] Added logic to handle groups parameters
[Manifest] Bumped the minimum version to 5.1

Also moved the functions to be exported in functions to export instead
of cmdletstoexport, the functions do not get exported with
cmldletstoexport, I'm probably missing something...
[Confirm-PathExists] Added a function to validate file paths
[Build-VmCmdLine] Moved ParametersToSkip back into this function
[Added-ParameterValue] Added logic to handle groups
Fixed format, added TODOs, use Get-Parameter without the s