My own Drone server configuration, it depends on gitea.


My blog setup, the files to be copied are generated from weblorg.


Set up Filegator according to my needs


Sets up the network for my infrastructure


Birand is a software that allows you to retrieve your bank informations. and to view them in a GUI, you can see your account balance, payments separated in groups...


Sets up the instances for my infrastructure.


This module sets up the ovh dns for my infrastructure


4 5 6 7 8 * Matrix server setup (UPDATE): This was an old attempt from 2021~ , these days I'd just use docker or kubernetes.


Mozilla web course (HTML,CSS, Javascript...)


My answers to the exercises, see the book for more info


This project configures my instances in the ovh-cloud thanks to these ansible playbooks.


My Bastion host configuration, it takes care of the nat,ssh,crowdsec config and the reverse proxying to my sites.


My own gitea setup, it is based on postgresql and drone. Some other values are hardcoded, if you need a role with more options you'll need to look elsewhere.


Lightweight mailserver based on postfix,dovecot, unbound, redis and rspamd there is no database whatsoever to manage the users as this configuration is intended for a personal/friends/family use, so not a lot of people.


Pwsh4VirtualBox is a wrapper written in powershell for vboxmanage with some convenience functions to quickly spin up multiple vm, manage groups of vm, making multiple unattended install at once...

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