0.2.0 2 years ago

woodstock 0.2.0

Second pre-release of the woodstock client library for pnut.io.

Improvements in this release include:

* Update user avatar and cover images
* Support for files

The changelog (in all it's messy glory since the intitial commit)

Morgan McMillian (24):
      Initial commit
      Add LICENSE
      Import from project gitlab.dreamfall.space/thrrgilag/peanuts
      Delete CHANGELOG
      fix changelog links
      renamed constants to conform to go standards renamed package from peantus to woodstock
      minor refactoring and updated comments
      added tests and fixed doc refs
      adjust SetMarker to use correct method fixes #6
      fix typo in GetClient function fixes issue #7
      change CreateMessage to post json fixes issue #8 and #9
      changelog update
      Adjust unit tests to fix a full run to complete
      setup gitlab ci
      add the proper tag for the runner
      fix endpoint for user and post interactions resolves issue #1
      Add is_deleted and reply_to to Message type
      ignore file
      added /files endpoint methods and tests
      implemented UploadAvatar and UploadCover closes #2 and #4
      Cleaned up README and added examples
      Removed errant Println statement