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#title: "Woodstock" date: 2020-04-23T19:30:51-07:00 weight: 10 draft: false

A client library for pnut.io written in Go

source code - issue tracker - releases - mailing list


go get git.sr.ht/~thrrgilag/woodstock


package main

import (

func main() {
    client := woodstock.NewClient("<ClientID>","")
    text := "Hello pnut.io"
    v := url.Values{}
    v.Set("text", text)
    post, err := client.Post(v)
    if err != nil {


Send patches to ~thrrgilag/woodstock@lists.sr.ht.

A nice tutorial on how to do that can be found at git-send-email.io.

Send bugs to ~thrrgilag/woodstock@todo.sr.ht.


Mailing List: ~thrrgilag/woodstock@lists.sr.ht

Chat Room: #dev