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#title: "Pantalaimon UT" date: 2020-08-24T14:22:29-07:00 draft: false weight: 10

End-to-end encryption aware Matrix reverse proxy daemon for Ubuntu Touch.

source code - issue tracker - mailing list - releases


  • [x] About page
  • [x] App icon
  • [ ] Cross compile python+pantalaimon
  • [ ] Release on open-store.io
  • [ ] Fix image fetching
  • [ ] Ability to verify, ignore, or blacklist devices


This project is not currently setup for cross building. A binary will need to be compiled on a device for each target architecture. Make sure there is enough space on the device to install the build tools and compile python, olm, and pantalaimon.

  • git clone https://git.sr.ht/~thrrgilag/pantalaimon-ut
  • push dev-build.sh to /home/phablet
  • run dev-build.sh
  • pull /home/phablet/pantalaimon-build/dist/pantalaimon
  • rename pantalaimon to pantalaimon-armhf (or pantalaimon-arm64)
  • run clickable

#Known Issues

  • Images (including avatars) are not fetched
  • No user interaction to verify, ignore, or blacklist devices


Send patches to ~thrrgilag/pantalaimon-ut@lists.sr.ht

A tutorial for git send-email can be found at git-send-email.io if you're not familiar with this method.

Bugs can be filed at https://todo.sr.ht/~thrrgilag/pantalaimon-ut


Copyright (C) 2020 Morgan McMillian

Licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0