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#Curriculum Vitae


This repository contains the source code of my personal resume.


Lately, I've been more used to use plain text files, usually markdown, for everything. My prior resume looked pretty, but under the hood was a pure html file, which was not easy to maintain.

Therefore, I wanted a new resume which could satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Store the contents in plain text files (one for each language).
  2. Define a global resume layout/stylesheet.
  3. Generate html & pdf output using content & layout

I came up with a post from tuxtor which specified exactly the workflow I wanted, which I followed.

#Generate resumes

In order to generate all resumes, it is just necessary to run the following script locally:


It is required to run it in a unix machine (GNU/Linux preferrably :D) and have both pandoc and wkhtmltopdf installed.


The following outputs are generated:

  • PDF resumes in output/pdf.
  • HTML default resumes in output/html/default.
  • Bonus: HTML dark-mode resumes in output/html/dark.