Add do keyword and example conditional command execution
Another example
First go at Dcl dynamics, no tests yet
Set cmd dynamics
StepCmd for get and some unit test cases
Cmd isval and some plumbing to access cmds from repl
Start cmd dynamics, start adding top level layer (to get into cmds)
Start parsing cmds
Statics for commands
Use typeof, not typeof' in most tests
Revert "Fix"

This reverts commit 6b703e40af6cf5c5a855a4e217e91c9fd252fa4b.
Precautionary comment
Build map over types and use it to erase names for type equality
Push use type variable name in setDeBruijinInType; flesh out example
Test setget example
Deprecate debruijin indexes in type literals
Impl annotates with full existential type
setDeBruijnIndexInType for impl type annotation
Add expMap function (wonder if it'll be useful)