ref: aad90fff269a83e7f6b6d3b34a9ed4fd0cea5681 thon/parse/thon.lex -rw-r--r-- 3.3 KiB
Lower Type.Plus precedence; parse `data eq` tyrec
Add recursive func syntax `fun f : typ = ... in ...`
Add general recursion (though recursive types already gave us that?)
Add ifz ... then ... else
Add `let ... in ...` syntax
Start setDeBruijnIndex and add name support for lambdas
Parse comments, change `pack` to `impl`, simpler typeof interface
Parse `pack` and `open`
Parsing for sum and recursive types and natlist examples
Parse universal and existential types as `all` and `some`
Parse product access as `left` and `right`
Parse type abstraction as `poly`
Use parens, not braces for rec
Parse rec and add mult by 2 example
Fix func app parsing precedence; SARROW is right assoc

Also add a handful of toy programs. Need someway to automatically run
and verify all of them.