ref: 5789efaaec00f72e28d5d6a4d9abcbdbc5ac4134 thon/thon.sml -rw-r--r-- 49.3 KiB
Test setget example
Impl annotates with full existential type
setDeBruijnIndexInType for impl type annotation
Give `use` a type variable to bind in the client's scope
Refactor raw A.Typ equality into typeEq function
Ok inserting Z into empty bst gives singleton bst
Find parse errors fn
Add recursive iseven example
Add general recursion (though recursive types already gave us that?)

Renames, some whitespace indent-region, fixup polyequal warning message
and a couple unmatched pattern cases.
Use builtin sml lists
Add singleton bst and start bst insert
Add empty binary tree example
typCtx is a list of 'a options now, not a list of ints
Rm old files and update len.thon
Add thon eq : nat -> nat -> nat function
Unify rec syntax with case and ifz
Fix debruijin index ifz bug and add decr.thon