For setting up new machines
editorconfig: use tabs on gitconfig, 4 spaces on swift files
vimrc: disable shortmess, alias goimports, prefer wildmenu
kshrc: clean up


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Contains personal preferences and configurations for everyday commands and programs.

File Summary
cvsignore A global, -C flag equivalent, whitespace delimited list of files for rsync(1) to ignore
digrc Print just the answer section by default
editorconfig Unified per language settings, using spaces instead of tabs no question
exrc Prefer vi(1) on OpenBSD
gitconfig Global settings such as user.email and aliases
gitignore A global core.excludesfile for $HOME
hushlogin Makes login(1) quieter
inputrc Up and down arrow key bindings for readline(3)
irbrc Cosmetic tweaks for when running interactive Ruby
kshrc KornShell aliases, functions, and enabling emacs mode
lesskey Place into $HOME and run lesskey(1) to generate ~/.less and avoid ~/.lesshst creation
mailrc Tells mail(1) to 'hold', 'keep', and 'keepsave'
nanorc Tweaks for indentation, wrapping, enabling mouse support
npmrc Defaults for npm-init(1) for auto populating package.json for example
profile Initialization file executed for login shells after /etc/profile, prompt settings etc.
screenrc Turn off startup_message ao.
tidyrc As handy as tidy(1) may be, some of the defaults (e.g., wrapping) are extremely annoying
tmux.conf Turn on mouse support, minor styling tweaks
vimrc Be IMproved
wgetrc Saner defaults for when downloading pages recursively for example


Download someplace convenient. For example,

# Hide inside of $HOME directory, no pun intended :)
git clone https://github.com/thewhodidthis/dotfiles ~/.files


Make links or copy as appropriate prefixing with a . to install. For example,

# Create symbolic links for all "runcom" files, but OK
# maybe only some of these are needed to begin with
find *rc -type f -exec ln -fs ~/.files/{} ~/.{} \;

Save local changes separately. For example,

# Start a new branch to keep track of per machine
# edits named after e.g., `hostname(1)`
git checkout -b gina

Would rather be using Bash? No problem, just ln -fs ~/.files/kshrc ~/.bashrc, then source in ~/.profile along the lines of:

if [[ -f "$HOME/.bashrc" ]]; then
  . "$HOME/.bashrc"

#see also