mymcplus/test d---------
cff55ba3 — Kistelini 8 months ago
Fix Usages of removed from/tostring for Python 3.9 (#10)

Add ECC Tests
Add Importing PS1 PSV with Test
Add Test for PSV Import
Add missing Header Comments
Basic Lighting, New icon.sys Parsing
Split up ps2save.py and move to save/
Rename package to mymcplus, Fix some packaging issues
Make packages, Add setup.py
Fix .max export, Add realistic Test for lzari encode
Rename Test Scripts
Add Tests for lzari
Port to Python 3

Also fix Tests except .max import and export
Add Tests for import
Add Tests for export
Add test for remove with non-empty directory
Add Tests for format, mkdir and remove
Add ASCII option to dir, Add Test for dir
Add Tests for clear, set, delete and df