ref: cff55ba378c47ff60022bf5bed1911a98d4b765b mymcplus/mymcplus/save/lzari.py -rw-r--r-- 25.0 KiB
cff55ba3 — Kistelini 8 months ago
Fix Usages of removed from/tostring for Python 3.9 (#10)

Split up ps2save.py and move to save/
Remove SCCS Strings
Add GPLv3 License
Rename package to mymcplus, Fix some packaging issues
Remove more old_divs
Remove Compatibility Code
Fix .max export, Add realistic Test for lzari encode
Fix lzari.string_to_bit_array()
Fix GUI for Python 3
Convert tabs to spaces
Port to Python 3

Also fix Tests except .max import and export
Move Source files to mymc/
Original 2.6 Source