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## Installation

mymc+ is available on [PyPI](https://pypi.org/project/mymcplus/).
You can install it, including the GUI, using pip:

pip install mymcplus[GUI]

If you only wish to install the command line interface, simple omit the
GUI extra:

pip install mymcplus

## Usage

If the GUI component is installed (i.e. wxPython can be found), it can
simply be started using the following command:


### Command Line Interface

The command line interface can be used like this:

Usage: /usr/bin/mymcplus [-ih] memcard.ps2 command [...]

Manipulate PS2 memory card images.

Supported commands:
   add: Add files to the memory card.
   check: Check for file system errors.
   clear: Clear mode flags on files and directories
   delete: Recursively delete a directory (save file).
   df: Display the amount free space.
   dir: Display save file information.
   export: Export save files from the memory card.
   extract: Extract files from the memory card.
   format: Creates a new memory card image.
   gui: Starts the graphical user interface.
   import: Import save files into the memory card.
   ls: List the contents of a directory.
   mkdir: Make directories.
   remove: Remove files and directories.
   set: Set mode flags on files and directories

  --version         show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -i, --ignore-ecc  Ignore ECC errors while reading.

It is always necessary to specify the path to a memory card image
with `-i <path>` first. For example:

mymcplus -i empty.ps2 format

creates the file `empty.ps2` and formats it as an empty memory card.

## License